Most people respond to that question with a number—their financial net worth on any given day. If the market’s up, their own sense of worth goes up. If the market plummets…well, you know how that feels. But is it really true that your complete value as a human being can be summed up by a number? And not just any number, but a number that can rise and fall regardless of what you do, how you contribute, or who you really are? Aren’t we worth much more than that? Meet David Shallcross. Outstanding college athlete back in the day. These days, a highly successful entrepreneur, happily married, loves his kids.

Only one problem. He’s a little…shall we say…bored. So he takes a flyer on some high risk investments…except it’s more than a flyer. It’s his entire balance sheet. He pushed all his chips to the middle of the table. And lost every penny. His wife? Furious. And rightly so, because he’s just gambled away his family’s financial security. And how does David feel? Miserable. Not just miserable. Sorry for the day he was born. And so he takes a trip…into the desert… where he thinks he’s going to end it all, but thanks to the wisdom of a long-departed mentor, he realizes that his life is worth living. And that he’s worth a lot more than what his balance sheet ever said. He’s learned (the hard way!) his Human Life Value…his value to himself, his loved ones, and to the world. And in this fast-moving, gripping, real-life story…you’ll discover your Human Life Value, too.